Over the last several years, Elina Duni Quartet has bloomed into a subtle unit of broad artistic reach. They make the integration of modal jazz and folk music sound organic. And, reinforcing Duni’s stark delivery, the players seem to get inside the texts. “We focus all the intensity that this poetry needs. We have tried to convey its essence through our musical interpretation. To me, all improvised music is a jazz state of mind. We feel no obligation to play a song the same way twice.”

Colin Vallon, who has long counted singers amongst his most profound influences, often seems like an answering voice at the piano. Bassist Patrice Moret brings his keen choice of notes and interacts persuasively with drummer Norbert Pfammatter. Leader Duni recognizes that it is what they create together that is important.

“I never wanted to be a singer with backing trio. From the beginning I gave a lot of space to the musicians for improvising, and experimented also with my voice. It’s another instrument. Over time, we have built up an understanding that allows us to go anywhere…”

Elina Duni Quartet

Matanë Malit, ECM 2012