Retrovizorja (Kreshnik Hoti and Bashkim Salihu) with Elina Duni, has seen the light a very cold night of February 2004, when the thermometer in Prishtina showed -15 degrees. It’s in between vapors of raki and coffee that the first album of the trio, entitled « Lakuriq » (Nude) was born. For the first time feminine desire and all its colors were sung with no restraint. The minimalist sound and the trip hop reminiscence combined so nicely with the, only in appearance, naive voice of the young and conscious Elina Duni.
Being part of the few rare bands in the post-war Kosovo, after the success of “Lakuriq”, Retrovizorja, with Elina Duni, affirms itself as a legendary Albanian alternative rock band and records, in 2009, its second album « I kaltër » (Blue). The tone is more mature, the lyrics have left the stage of adolescence, while lyricism and irony are the dominant parts of this powerful album.